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Big Road Blues - This is stop #1 on your way to your Blues Phd! Lots of great info, blues related artwork, links to all manner of blues bands, and a fantastic selection of streaming "web radio" blues stations.

WEMU Radio - 89.1FM - The best "News, Jazz. and Blues" in this little corner of the Milky Way.  Unfortunately, no longer carrying the Bone Conduction Music Show (see below) but still a fairly cool mix of music.  (Just make sure you balance your news with that from other sources!)

AM1600 Talk Radio - New local home of the Bone Conduction Music Show

Bone Conduction Music Show - "A white hot mega blast of wig singeing Rock & Roll, hip shakin' Soul music, and industrial strength Rhythm & Blues."  Party music par excellance or just great for sittin' with a stogie and a Stoli... Sundays 7-11pm on 1600AM, and other days and times on different stations around the country.  If you can't snag a signal, there's a list on Thayrone's site of several sites that webcast the show.  Or, you can now stream "Coolarity Radio" anytime! Just click the linka nd het 'Listen Now'.  Ain't technology wonderful...

zZounds - A mail order site for guitar stuff, some keyboard stuff, pro audio gear, etc.  Decent prices good reviews and advice, AND for a limited time in early May '01, they made your favorite blues band (US!) a "featured artist".