Dave Hudyma
(Eddy E. Vaygus)

Life and Adventures of

Ever since I heard John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Jimi, I was hooked. I got my first guitar from Lafayette Radio in 1967. It was a beautiful sunburst piece of shit.  Later I got a used Airline amp, and itís been all down hill from here.   I remember everyone telling me that "you canít do that", "how many trips have you been on" and "thatís about as useless as a pair of silk boxers". Some 23 years later Eddie "E" Vaygus emerged and was wondering to himself if misery loves company why do I feel so all alone? If I had only taken Blues 101 instead of Abnormal Psychology maybe I could play a three cord progression (thank god for electronic tuners). I remember when we first started playing (a little jam in C) it made me think if this doesnít get any better, that it just might make me feel like I got a mind to give up living or go for a ride on Route 66. But, that doesnít start until you get to sweet home Chicago and I live in the Motor City. Later that night I went upstairs made a green onion sandwich on Rye and changed into my brown trousers. Thinking over an ice cold soda, I came to a crossroads in my mind and decided that it was just going to be another stormy Monday. Turning to my full time lover, the always exciting Mrs. Vaygus, she said, putting one slender finger to her full red lips, "hush hush why donít we go steppín out and rethink this whole thing.  After all its summertime, and the "Mid life Crisis Blues Band is playing at Top of the Park". As we were going out the door she turned and said, "you have been messiní with the kid and its about time you get off the midnight shift". I thought to myself I might be your man and that I better love her with a feeling or I would be paying the cost to be the boss. As we pulled into the parking lot we saw Mustang Sally arriving from Kansas City in a spotless powder blue 1965, the stereo just blasting LaGrange or Tore Down, She shouted out "where you goiní baby"? The always lovely Mrs. Vaygus said, "who in the hell is that? If you want to remain alive and still kickní you had better hope she is gone inside five minutes". I calmly turned and said "that must be some old long gray mare with a severe case of Rockin Pneumonia".

(Next month the Adventures of President Dave)




1978 Fender Strat Hardtail
1997 Fender Strat Tex-Mex
1980?? Electra MPC Paul copy loaded with 1957 patent apply for reissues
(All Strats have Texas Specials and the have been refreted with 6100 wires by Mark at the Music Stand in Berkeley Michigan 48072 248-543-2330)


1968 Fender Pro Reverb
1965? "HUDYMA" Ampeg Reverb Rocket 2 Model GS 12-R
1965? Gibson Skylark 5AT
(All amps maintained and modified by Dan Russell "BLITZ AMPILIFIERS" St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48080 810-772-4458)

Pedal Board

Voodoo Labs Pedal Power
Samson VLXTD Wireless
Cry Baby 535
Boss Chromatic Tuner
Fulltone Full Drive 2
Danelectro T-Bone
Danelectro Dan- Echo
Marshall SV-1 Supervibe Chorus