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NEW!!  Photo galleries!  See MLC in their natural habitats...

The Mid Life Crisis Blues Band is hard at work in "the basement" self-producing a new CD of all original material.  We're nearly done with the first track!!  It's an instrumental called "Trips".  There may be a little tweaking to the mix to do, but give it a listen and let us know what you think... 

Trips (.mp3 - 1.4 meg)

Trips (.wma - 734Kb)

Trips (.mp3 Short clips pasted together, for the "Bandwidth challenged" - 400Kb)

Click below for samples from our CD "Live and Still Kickin'"
(see the STUFF page to order, or pick it up at one of our shows!)

Track 1 Intro - Check out our "Special Guest" appearance (.mp3 - 192K)

Track 2 Crossroads (.mp3 - 492K)

Track 3 Summertime (.mp3 - 444Kb)

Track 4 Green Onions (.mp3 - 891Kb)

Track 5 Got a Mind to Give Up Livin' (.mp3 - 1394Kb)

Track 6 Steppin' Out (.mp3 - 447Kb)

Track 7 Hush Hush (.mp3 - 812Kb)

Track 8 Kansas City (.mp3 - 518Kb)

Track 9 Route 66 (.mp3 - 607Kb)

Track 10 Jammin' C (.mp3 - 561Kb)

We'll post special sneak previews of tracks from our studio CD we're working on now.  Keep tabs on our progress here....